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In recent years I've been trying to work more abstract. Still the human form shows through, we'll see where it goes.

Big Top Suite


The sculptures came first, a series of six circus figures. Seeking a more lighthearted subject,... and looking back perhaps making an internal statement about the political times.

Tap photo to see full series.

Abstract Figure Suite


This suite is composed of three painting and sculpture series, developed over a three year period..

Click on images to see in full.

Head Sculpture Series


A five piece progression from realistic to abstract. A bit of Matisse and Picasso showed up in the process.

Landscape Suite


First paintings, reclining figures as landscapes, then sculpture in the same manner. Lastly a series of three new paintings with barely a hint of the figure.

Head Sculptures
Landscape Series 2016.jpg
Landscape Sculpture Series 2016.jpg
Segmental Abstractions


Often I work with a series of related paintings, usually three. You'll recognize fragments of the figure in work shown below.