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A collection of seven sketchbooks exploring a progressive study of interactive organic forms.


Personal Relationships:  Seven sketchbooks intended to be quick exercises that might lead to a more meaningful understanding of abstract art.

Sketchbook 1

Exploring a new medium, gouache paint. Bright light filled colors are freely swarmed around and blended. The attempt is to work without any expectations, just stay honest and let the work develop new life.

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Sketchbook 2

Sketchbooks are 20 pages long, 11" x 14" watercolor paper. The second book is a continuation of curved flowing forms, fragmented shapes that often appear to be derived from nature.

Sketchbook 3

At this point ink was introduced, usually drawing at the onset, some surviving, some covered later under paint. People ask what is being represented? I'm sure something is, but my efforts are more oriented toward inspiration, beauty, balance, harmony,... an intuitive resolution of sensual qualities.

Sketchbook 4

A shift is occurring, to simpler less worked over sketches, with the introduction of neutral grayish and tan colors. At times initial ink drawings seem adequate on their own. Other times there's a full compliment of multilayered drawing and painting.